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My problem with bitcoin, and why it will never replace physical currency

The current bitcoin price bubble has got a lot of people looking for a quick buck interested in BTC. Bitcoin has it's niche for sure, and I honestly see it as illegal transactions, like silkroad and money laundering.
Instability I see as a huge problem for btc. We are in the middle of a giant bubble right now. This is great for speculators....and no one else. If bitcoin varies so much in price day to day it discourages people from actually using bitcoin as a currency. Why would I spend a coin today if the price of a coin will go up tomorrow? Why would I accept a coin as payment if the price of a coin will go down tomorrow? Sure fiat currencies change in value, but no where near as much as btc.
Secondly, btc is incredibly insecure in my opinion. Recently strongcoin was infiltrated, and god knows how many bitcoins were stolen. The people who lost their coins will never see those coins back, all transactions are final. If your local bank was robbed, at least your deposit is secured by the FDIC. If there is ever a dispute between a buyer and a seller, the buyer is essentially powerless. If you buy something from a store with cash, you can return it. If you buy something online with a credit card, you can file a dispute with the card company or the company itself. You do not have that power with bitcoin. Regulation is not a four letter word as many on here would have you believe.
Please don't downvote simply because you disagree. I would love to be convinced otherwise!
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Using Bitcoin safely: reddit can we have please an offline bitcoin swissknife to safely treat offline transactions?

tl;dr: I'm thinking something like offline transaction html file from strongcoin but enriched with support useful features from other sites.
It is safe to keep our values in paper or brain addresses (or wallet as you like) and the money you would keep in your pocket on an online wallet like srongcoin or or coinbase, etc. The problem is that if you begin to spend your bitcoins, sooner or later you will need to make a transaction from the paper wallet (or from the brain wallet) to your online wallet to refill it for the everyday expences.
I would like this procedure to be the most straightforward and safe possible.
  1. you need to collect your source paper address transactions in into a safe usb key
  2. you need to have a pc with a safe offline linux distribution with a clean copy of and use it with the transactions taken from the usb keys (a live distro with a persisten partition could be good)
  3. you need to feed the same html offline transaction file with the secret key that you could just:
  4. write down with a virtual keyboard
  5. take from a qr code from your paper wallet with your pc webcam ( has this program)
  6. or obtain from your brain putting your passphrase into an apposite field ( and works perfectly).
  7. copy the transaction into the usb key
  8. copy the transaction in the page:
This is a procedure that is a little safer but not simple. I would be a little simpler if the offline transaction html file could be enriched with a brainwallet function, a virtual keyboard function and a qr code reader function. Is there anybody interested? Am I thinkinig it wrongly? I'm not a javascript programmer. Could anyone assemble all the function in a handy offline html file?
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Bitcoin BULLAHS Targets HOT?! March 2020 Price Prediction & News Analysis Bitcoin and Ethereum are acting strong, is BTC ready for a move towards $12,000?! Bitcoin BREAKOUT COMING!!  Ethereum Analysis  Fundamentals STRONG!  Lightning Torch NEWS! Bitcoin price holds strong amid negative news blitz says ... Bitcoin STRONG Close? Or Strong TRAP? Bitcoin Prediction Today  LINK BTC  Price Analysis

StrongCoin is a bitcoin wallet that stores an encrypted version of your private keys online while encrypting and decrypting keys from within your browser. The team has been offering bitcoin storage solutions since 2011, although the StrongCoin consumer-facing wallet is relatively new. Bitcoin greens pushed altcoins higher with Chainlink and Polkadot leading with about 17% and 10% gains, respectively. ... This makes sense, given that governments are depreciating the fiat currency's value by continuing to print and more and more of it. Interestingly, after calling off the negotiations with Democrats only to backtrack, President Donald Trump is now yet again leaning towards a ... StrongCoin’s distributed exchange service will allow bitcoin suppliers to register and make a bitcoin deposit with the site. They will also register the markup that they want to charge, over and ... StrongCoin’s distributed exchange service will allow bitcoin suppliers to register and make a bitcoin deposit with the site. They will also register the markup that they want to charge, over and above the base market rate, which will come from BitStamp. When someone wants to buy bitcoins, the site will then choose the best available quote from the list for them. The key to the system is that ... Nevertheless, Bitcoin’s [BTC] evolution a store of value is possibly increasing the number of hodlers rather than the number of transactions or exchanges executed on the chain. It also draws an important conclusion regarding the scalability and transaction fees debate over Bitcoin [BTC]. Willy Woo, an analyst tweeted about the gradual growth of Bitcoin as an asset from Murad Mahmudov’s ...

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Bitcoin BULLAHS Targets HOT?! March 2020 Price Prediction & News Analysis

Bitcoin is holding strong following the retracement; even went back above $8,000 for a short while. Mattie is also talking about the latest BTC predictions, EOS news, and $346 billion giant E ... Litecoin Moving Strong & True Value of LTC - - We talk about the value of Litecoin and it's purpose, and we also visit the charts after a great weekend of gains for LTC price. LTC Donations To Our ... Blockchain headlines have been awash with negative news tidbits lately. KuCoin suffered a major hack on Sept. 26; two United States regulatory bodies went af... Litecoin halving has happened and we are entering a new stage of both bitcoin and litecoin cycles. In this next stage, you will most likely find Bitcoin entering a stronger area of growth vs ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue