The importance of Overstock's Bitcoin sales

Overstock to Donate 4% of Bitcoin Revenue to Foundations Advocating Cryptocurrency Adoption - Coin Fire

Overstock to Donate 4% of Bitcoin Revenue to Foundations Advocating Cryptocurrency Adoption - Coin Fire submitted by Christinabtc to Bitcoin [link] [comments] increases daily revenue 4.3% by adding Bitcoin, first day

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Internet Archive and Overstock to 'Hodl' More Bitcoin Revenue and Donations

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Internet Archive and Overstock to ‘Hodl’ More Bitcoin Revenue and Donations

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Internet Archive and Overstock to 'Hodl' More Bitcoin Revenue and Donations

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In the news • Internet Archive and Overstock to ‘Hodl’ More Bitcoin Revenue and Donations

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Overstock's Bitcoin Purchases Account For Less Than 1% Of Revenue, But It's Growing

Overstock's Bitcoin Purchases Account For Less Than 1% Of Revenue, But It's Growing submitted by bittime to Bitcoin [link] [comments] Poised to Donate 3 Percent of Bitcoin Sales Revenue to Support Cryptocurrency Adoption Poised to Donate 3 Percent of Bitcoin Sales Revenue to Support Cryptocurrency Adoption submitted by BTCNews to BTCNews [link] [comments]

Overstock will donate 4% of all Bitcoin revenue to boost the work of crypto-foundations

Overstock will donate 4% of all Bitcoin revenue to boost the work of crypto-foundations submitted by BTCNews to BTCNews [link] [comments]

Overstock Donating 4% of Bitcoin Revenue Toward Cryptocurrency Adoption

Overstock Donating 4% of Bitcoin Revenue Toward Cryptocurrency Adoption submitted by BTCNews to BTCNews [link] [comments]

Overstock’s Bitcoin Purchases Account For Less Than 1% Of Revenue, But It’s Growing

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Overstock triples in 3 months.

Overstock triples in 3 months. submitted by readish to Bitcoin [link] [comments] "About $10,000 worth of Bitcoin from about 100 purchasers has already been spent since the announcement less than two hours ago" submitted by Egon_1 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Ravencoin usage adoption.

I quote an excerpt from the Ravencoin white paper.
''A young child, in a country that permits it, could create a token that represents a lemonade stand business. Suppose she creates 10,000 LEMONADE tokens. These tokens could be used to raise funds for the lemonade stand at AUD$0.01 per LEMONADE token allowing her to raise AUD$100 to build her business. These tokens can be sold and transferred easily by the owners. Suppose the lemonade stand does extraordinarily well because the neighborhood is invested in this entrepreneurial project. Now our fictional eight-year-old wants to reward those who believed in her project. With one command, she can send profits - denominated in any value RVN may have - to LEMONADE token holders. There could even be new holders of LEMONADE tokens that she’s never met. The built-in ease of use should allow anyone, anywhere in the world to do so on a mobile phone, or computer running Windows, Mac, or Linux. ''
Bruce Fenton Tron Black 3rd April 2018
This example sold Ravencoin to me. There are currently three primary ways to get Ravencoin.
  1. Mine it.
Pro's: You are helping to secure the network by futher distributing the hashrate and you get rewarded with RVN for you contribution.
Cons: Accesibility to hardware (GPU's) and the technical knowledge required to mine succesfully, limits this to a growing but niche group consisting mostly of hodlers.
  1. Buying it:
Pro's: You can get lots quickly and at custom prices.
Con's: Buying crypto from an exchange is an intimidating process for the average person. Most people who are willing to go through the trouble to understand the in's, out's, fees and movements of crypto exchange markets are crypto enthusiasts and speculators.
  1. Earning it:
People who are willing to go all in and say we accept Bitcoin are already on top of the exchange trading game and probably have a mining rig or two running in their basement. So you have to already understand and be sold on the future of crypto to go as far as Overstock and announce it's acceptance of alternate forms of revenue.
Pro's: You are spreading awareness.
Con's: Very few people will actually spend their crypto to buy your services and or products.
There is however one more way to get crypto and that is when you get given it.
Giving Crypto as a gift is one of the best ways to introduce people to the technology. When you give tokens and coins away the recipient is obliged to download a wallet and learn about seed phrases and private keys. Suddenly they are aware of the market value of the assets they hold.
Giving RVN away is the best way to spread interest, awareness and ultimately adoption. The question we enthusiasts have to answer in creative ways is how can we give RVN away profitably.
When that question is answered for each of us in our own personal capacities we as a crypto community would have jumped one of the next biggest hurdles.
How to give RVN away profitably?
I have already answered this question for myself.
How would you answer it?
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Cryptocurrency News: 5 Benefits of Crypto Payments

The demand from consumers is increasing as the benefits of digitally native payments are becoming more apparent. Crypto can save both customers and businesses money and time and can also increase the security of transactions.

Crypto payments may not be mainstream yet, but more and more businesses are responding to the growing trend and are now accepting crypto payments either directly or indirectly through a third party.

For example, online retailer Overstock accepts crypto payments directly from any customer, around the globe instantly.

Overstock: Benefits of Bitcoin Purchases
Overstock was one of the first major retailers to accept Bitcoin in 2014 and has continued to make a name for itself in the crypto space launching its own blockchain based capital markets solution, tZero. Others such as Microsoft, Dish, and Shopify have followed, accepting crypto payments in exchange for their goods and services.

Keep reading to learn how crypto payments offer benefits above fiat from the analysis of

For Customers...

Less Fees
Banks make a lot of money off of your money. They charge fees for a variety of services like credit cards, savings accounts, ATM deposits and withdrawals, and more.

Managing your funds in a crypto wallet versus a bank offers significant savings. In most cases, opening and holding a crypto wallet, unless one chooses to purchase a hardware crypto wallet or prepaid card, and using it for crypto payments is completely free. Of course, this largely means that maintaining custody and responsibility of your crypto (through keys, seeds, hardware, or otherwise) is almost entirely up to you.

Owned Data
Financial institutions and retailers collect and retain a wide range of customer’s personal and financial information. Your bank tracks anything from your name, address and social security number to your net worth, investments, account balances, and credit score. On the other side of the transaction, retailers are collecting your browsing and purchasing history as well as your basic personal information.

With crypto, the only data needed to process payments is two strings of numbers – the customer’s address and the recipient's address. Of course, crypto transactions aren't completely anonymous because most blockchains are public, and personal information like your name and address are often still collected by retailers. Despite this, crypto transactions collect and retain significantly less personal information than standard credit card transactions.

The fewer intermediaries involved in a transaction, the fewer opportunities there are for your data to be commercialized. Not to mention, by making transactions peer-to-peer, business yield more profit and are less pressured to gain revenue through sales of customer data.

Borderless Payments
Crypto assets are borderless by nature. Bitcoin, for example, isn’t owned by a centralized body or issued by a single country. It’s decentralized which means it’s also global. Crypto payments can instantly cross borders with minimal fees and without the need for an intermediary like a remittance business or a bank. All that’s needed to process an international payment is an internet connection and a device like a cell phone or laptop.

Removing the third party from the equation opens the doors for millions of people around the globe without access to banks (“the unbanked”), giving them access to the global economy. The opportunity for crypto payment adoption in places like Nigeria where an estimated 100 million people have access to the internet, mostly through mobile devices, but only 31 million hold bank accounts, is huge.

For Businesses...

No Charge Backs
The current electronic payment system forces businesses to take a substantial risk when processing payments. When you purchase something with a credit card, you’ll often see your transaction as pending on your statement. That’s because your payment isn’t actually as instant as it appears. It has to travel between a customer, two banks, then finally, to the merchant.

The lack of speed and the need for multiple parties gives customers the chance to take an item only to cancel their payment before it’s processed, leaving the business high and dry. With a crypto payments, it can't be reversed once it is processed. It’s instant and permanent, which means companies don’t have to worry about chargebacks.

Loyal Customers
CheapAir – an American online travel agency – has reportedly processed more than $5 million in Bitcoin payments since 2013. The CEO of CheapAir Jeff Klee told Forbes that he likes "customers who pay in crypto because they are loyal." He also noted that they’re more likely to “buy higher ticket items.”

Many crypto users are seeking out businesses that accept crypto and are likely to be loyal to those who do. Not to mention, studies predict crypto assets could be used as a mainstream means of payment in the next decade. Businesses that get ahead of the curve will likely reap the benefits of mass adoption.

While crypto payments have a long way to go both in terms of adoption and scalability, the benefits to both businesses and customers are significant enough to radically improve the way transactions are conducted globally.
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Will there be another 2017-like crypto pump ever gonna happen again? My rant on the future of crypto, ICOs, and 2018

I've been getting several messages lately inquiring about my old post from which I borrowed $30k to buy ETH back in May:
I started typing a long response to someone who asked me whether he thinks there's gonna be another opportunity like ETH in the future (from which I made over 100X returns, buying most between $10 and $100, and cashing out 90% at $1000-$1200)...and I realized I typed so much info that it could be worthwhile to share it with the community.
Before I start my rant though... about the loan I had taken out at the time: don't ever invest in more than you're willing to lose.
Opportunities will always come, in one way or another. Today is crypto, yesterday was flipping houses, before that was penny and internet stocks. But from a crypto standpoint, opportunities in this field are gonna be more rare. Bitcoin, ETH, and other large caps coins are probably done for for a while -- they'll go up in the long run but I don't think we'll see another new parabolic rise of 1000+% gains for a long while. People switched to ICOs after seeing some of the 3-10X gains, but the wild west of unregulated ICOs is starting to lose steam, mostly due to regulatory barriers.
Identifying Fundamental Disruptions
I invested in ETH first at $10 and buying all the way up to $100 (the $30k loan got me ETH at $80 each), and while others were selling for 2x flips, I was able to hold it all the way to $1000+. I think this is important to mention in the context of this post because of the necessity to realize the long-term disruption that lays ahead. At the time, I realized that ETH was about to give altcoins/tokens the ability to be speculated on due to their direct utility association in a tech startup's main business mechanism. I firmly believed that ETH should be worth at nearly as much as, if not at least, BTC in market cap because of this. Prior to ETH, it was just Bitcoins and then all clones/shitcoins. ETH gave rise to ICOs and speculative coins that could be assigned potential business value to it, thereby making crypto markets what it is today. Frankly, the entire crypto market owes ETH, and respectfully BTC of course, for what is today. Note though: I rolled the dice big for ETH, but even my $30k investment at the time was only about a quarter of my savings at the time. So again, don't invest in more than you are willing to lose or sleep soundly at night.
The Future: Increasing Regulation
Anyway, turning to the future. Here's what I think is going to happen. SEC is going shutdown alot of ICOs; they are really cracking down on ICOs claiming to be utilities, even if disguised through airdrops or SAFTs. In fact, just today's WSJ news said SEC issued subpoenas to multiple ICOs and have taken interest in SAFTs for so-called utility tokens. Just like the dot-com bubble, 90%+ of these previous ICOs are gonna tank and fail. We're gonna see a massive correction probably later in 2018, when roadmaps with major expected milestones start missing their deadlines, and a domino effect happens when SEC starts really flexing their muscle and forcing exchanges to go into delisting mode (we already are starting to see this with Bittrex).
But a Hidden Opportunity
So about looking for another crypto pump opportunity.... When the culling happens, the survivors are gonna be as follows. Look for US-based ICOs that have been SEC-compliant from the outset, or at least making a strong effort to do so. Having a legal advisor or team member will be big this year. Don't be afraid of lockups or holding periods if it's for the purpose of being SEC compliant (signs are mentions of Reg CF, Reg D, Reg S, and Reg A+ offerings... you could google these keywords with their company name to see if they have a filing record in SEC's database). See if these ICOs and team leaders had a successful and profitable business in the past, or at least spun out of a profitable company. Also, there's way too much bullshit with partnerships, many which are fake or with useless no/name companies. Next, a lot of these open ecosystem platforms rely on partner companies to attract customers -- but why would companies join when there are no customers, and vice versa. It's all bullshit and often pump and dump shilling. What you want is a closed ecosystem (think Apple iOS) to help consumers navigate the business model. An open ecosystem where customers have to attach their own crypto wallet, blah blah blah, yay decentralization, yeah... well that's all never gonna see mass adoption (think Linux... some hardcore advocates exist, but what layperson actually wants to operate command lines or deep menus all day long and accidentally break their system with one wrong syntax). Look how successful Coinbase has become by simplifying crap. Too much shit is focused on the crypto side and it's like a foreign language to mainstream customers who won't touch it with a ten foot pole. Look for ICOs that are consumer focused rather just have solely an ICO page. It's particularly appealing if they have a self-directing strategy in the form of a tangible product they can sell to generate data or transactions in their ecosystem, which would naturally attract additional customers/companies into their platform.
These companies with revolutionary ideas, who are making an effort to be legally compliant and also have a tangible product, are the ones that are gonna survive the mass culling of alts and ICOs later this year. If we ever get our first ICO unicorn (from revenue, not pumped market cap of their token), then it will bring truly mainstream recognition of the crypto markets that will give the traditional stock markets a serious run for their money. I'm not talking about less than 1% of the $70 trillion stock market value of the world -- I'm talking like double digit levels of the entire global stock market. And I bet you it will happen. This is the sorting-out phase of the future -- a shift from old world Wall Street-type money to Silicon Valley. Crypto allows direct investments into technology startups, and tokenization of the actual business transaction mechanism cuts down all the traditional valuation crap dealing with public relations and whatever meta valuation factors. If the business is making sales, then the token is worth something, and that's all that matters. If the business is losing sales, then the token is worth less. Straightforward.
When All The Puzzle Pieces Fit Together
Two more things to note. First: If ETH successfully pulls off scaling through sharding/raiden and drastically reduces gas fees through proof of stake, then it will be fit for enterprise use. ETH's stress tested blockchain with upgrades will facilitate real world adoption (Most of these ERC20 platforms are currently not fit for real adoption due to high gas fees and low TPS). Otherwise, consider hedging into alternative smart contract-, high volume-, low cost-capable platforms with implementation documentation (e.g., Stellar) to potentially get some good gains. Second: A lot of these current crypto exchanges are not registered ATS's (alternative trading systems) that are permitted to trade securities by the SEC, so they can only trade utilities. But SEC is cracking down on these fake-utilities and are deeming them all securities... that's gonna leave these exchanges in the dust. So we're seeing big companies entering this space, Overstock building tZero, Circle/Goldman Sachs acquiring Polo, Cobinhood, etc. They are prepping for ATS compliance, and when legal tokenized securities become tradeable, they will be traded on these platforms... not hot messes like Binance. And they will be user friendly -- gateways for mainstream to invest directly in the tokenized assets of a company's core business model. It's all culminating to the survival of legit companies, mainstream adoption, and these are your clues. Enjoy trading shitcoins while they last, but don't get caught with your pants down bagholding them.
Rant over.
TL;DR Look for coins based on fundamentals and legal compliance so they will survive the massive culling in late 2018 when roadmaps don't meet milestone deadlines
Edit: Grammar, and Readability
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A Spy in the House of Byrne—The Ledger

_(This week’s Ledger newsletter is by David Z. Morris)_The crypto industry can be roughly divided into two groups. On the one hand, there are “crypto native” companies creating new things from scratch (think Binance or Brave). On the other hand are existing operations trying to use blockchain tech to get a further edge (think ICE’s Bakkt or Facebook’s Libra).
And then there was Patrick Byrne, who had a foot in both worlds—sometimes uncomfortably.
The CEO for two decades of e-commerce pioneer, Byrne became a vocal crypto proponent around five years ago, and has worked since then to position the company as a blockchain leader. Overstock was the first major online retailer to take payments in Bitcoin, starting in early 2014. The same year, Byrne began work on “tzero,” a blockchain-based alternative to traditional securities exchanges. Then he founded Medici Ventures, a venture fund and incubator that houses 18 blockchain startups within Overstock.
And now, it appears, he’s gone. Byrne resigned suddenly as CEO of Overstock last Thursday, after mounting controversy surrounding his past romantic relationship with alleged Russian agent Maria Butina. Butina is now serving an 18 month prison sentence for conspiring to promote Russian interests through conservative U.S. political groups.
Byrne’s statements on the matter have been vague and conspiratorial, including references to the “Deep State” and “Men in Black” who Byrne says drew him into “certain government matters.” He subsequently made detailed claims that the FBI directly encouraged his relationship with Butina circa 2016 as part of an investigation into Russian activities (claims dismissed by then-FBI director James Comey). Byrne says he’s resigning because these entanglements “may affect and complicate all manner of business relationships,” and that he’ll be “disappearing for some time.”
This is the sort of weirdness you’d expect from the wild-west world of crypto-natives, not a public company valued at more than $1 billion as recently as a year ago. But Byrne was known as a bit of a loose cannon well before Bitcoin was invented, most notably for his aggressive (and also frequently conspiratorial) campaign against naked short sellers. (You can read _Fortune’s_coverage of those battles here.)
This very enjoyable profile from Forbes dives into Byrne’s privileged and unconventional background—he has a PhD in philosophy from Stanford, and is apparently close friends with Warren Buffet through Byrne’s father. It also paints Byrne as easily distractable, and Overstock’s blockchain ventures as a boondoggle that’s destroying a once-profitable company.
The boondoggle part might wind up coming true, but if Overstock’s blockchain efforts are a risky bet, they’re anything but a lark. I spent some time at the company’s headquarters in Salt Lake City this past spring, and with Medici, Byrne has built a team that’s both technically savvy and fairly unified in its deeply-held crypto-native worldview. Most notably, Medici is a hotbed of thoughtful skepticism towards government, with managers and coders ranging from left-wing anarchists to free-market libertarians. There are even signs that Overstock’s presence is helping turn Salt Lake City into a blockchain hub with its own unique feel—for instance, the Off Chain conference there caters to the overlap between crypto, firearms, and “prepping.”
Byrne himself often described his worldview in libertarian terms, and he’ll be succeeded by Jonathan Johnson, who shares much of Byrne’s outlook on both politics and blockchain. Johnson is currently head of the Medici unit, and he’ll shoulder Byrne’s CEO duties on an interim basis. He’s a steady, composed counterpoint to Byrne’s swashbuckling verve, as well as a thoughtful strategist. Most significantly, his rise to the head job, even if temporary, signals that Overstock intends to stick with its blockchain bets.
The question now is whether some of those bets hit before Overstock’s retail revenues fade.
One final note: We’re running lean here at The Ledger this month, in part because Jeff Roberts is on book leave (look for his cryptocurrency magnum opus from Audible soon). That’s why they handed the reins over to me, the new guy. I recently joined the Fortune team from BreakerMag, a now defunct but much-loved blockchain-focused publication. In addition to reporting on the world of digital assets and decentralized technologies, I’ll be writing about A.I., Tesla, and other techie matters. I’ll also be authoring this newsletter every once in a while—hopefully, from here on out, with a header that actually has my name on it. Glad to know you.
David Z. Morris |@davidzmorris| [email protected]
* More Details Here
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My suggestion to Bitfinex on what to do next

First off, before I get into some specific recommendations, I'd like to state my OPINION that the situtation IS manageable. Right now BFX has lost 119k coins worth roughly ~60m. Due to how they handled open positions for non-affected accounts, many users were likely rekt in the volatility swing. At last count BFX had ~40m in USD margin funding outstanding... they may have benefitted to the tune of millions from forced liquidations. BFX may also hold a non-negligible sum (millions $) of Ethereum Classic, which has dramatically soared in price over the past 48 hours on insanely high volume. As one of the worlds largest, and likely profitable, Bitcoin companies, BFX is likely valued north of $200m if they can salvage their brand (feel free to disagree with me on that, but I'm not off by far).
Given these strengths I think there's a path forward for BFX where they can make customers whole over time, in a completely transparent way, and survive as a company.
  1. Maintain the level of transparency Zane is demonstrating, it's relieving a lot of the fear and uncertainty. Sure it sucks, but at least we know exactly how much is sucks and conspiracy theories are not flying (yet).
  2. Keep withdrawals/deposits closed for now, but allow trading to resume and users to access their accounts and survey damage. This high volatility represents precious fees you need to be collecting.
  3. Figure out what happened security wise and be working to get deposits/withdrawals ready as soon as can be done safely. Allow non effected currencies (ETH, ETHC, LTC, USD etc...) to be deposited/withdrawal.
  4. Release information on the % of Bitcoin holdings that were lost, there needs to be a decision made quickly on how to handle customer losses... do you silo losses to hacked addresses or do you socialize losses? I (personally) think if hacked bitcoin represent less than 20% of deposits, you consider socializing losses until full repayment is possible. If 50%+, I think you consider silo'ing losses to the compromised addresses until they can be repaid in whole.
  5. Issue an IOU coin with a fixed btc or usd "face" value. Allocate some % of trading fees, or margin lending fees, as regular dividends to the IOU coin, allow the IOU coin to be traded freely amongst users and a market price to form on BFX. BFX can purchase the IOU back at any time at its Face value (say 1 IOU for 1 BTC) Effectively this IOU will be treated like a bond, as confidence grows in your ability to payout for IOU holders, the value of the IOU will approach its face value... users who need liquidity most will be able to sell NOW at a steeper discount to those who are willing to speculate on seeing full face value. Be 100% transparent with the entire accounting process behind this...
  6. Get creative with revenue streams, depending on how many people owned that 120k btc, you now have a built in customer base of 10's of thousands (my guess) who will evangelize your products if it means more fees generated and faster repayment for them. This means add new crypto and fiat currency pairs, allow users higher leverage trading products, trade high fee products like mining derivatives or legal crypto-equity (Overstock's T0 financial products for example).
If executed well I think this starts to narrow that gap fairly quickly and users could be repaid in less than two years. Bitfinex would have an amazing reputation as the exchange that did what ever it took to make their customers whole while maintaining their integrity.
It's late and I've been up all night so this might read partially incoherent, but I think there is a path forward. Thoughts on this? Suggestions of you own?
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All it takes

One major company to adopt or even just part adopt a bitcoin payment platform. Think about it at the very worst they will make gains in the short term just by acquiring bitcoins and seeing the value soar as circulation increases. In terms of costing money I am sure major companies have parties that cost more so even if it does got to pot its just a drop in the ocean in their diversification strategies.
My question what is stopping them? Are they waiting for the 1.0 protocol? why no fund the foundation to help the research along? is it really all to do with trying not to get on the wrong side of backers of fiat currency?*
*E.g. if Amazon decided to accept bitcoin (I read that alone would put the price up to around 5000$) could visa etc literally cut their services to them essentially shutting down Amazon?
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WolfpackBOT - The world's fastest and most secure trading bot

WolfpackBOT - The world's fastest and most secure trading bot


Cryptocurrency is essentially digital money traded from one person to another through the use of pseudonyms. There are no intermediaries like banks, no governmental oversight or authority, and no fees. The “crypto” in cryptocurrency refers to the use of cryptography to ensure the security and privacy of every transaction.
New coins are created through a technique called mining. The process requires powerful computers that solve complex math problems. Each problem should take about 10 minutes to solve, and results in the creation of a predetermined number of coins. The total number of coins that can be created is fixed — there’s a limit of 21 million bitcoins that can be created. The number of coins rewarded for solving each problem dwindles as time goes on.
Bitcoin is believed to have been created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, an enigmatic figure who has so far proven all but impossible to definitively identify. By using cryptography to control the creation and tracking of a digital currency, Nakamoto took that power away from central authorities like governments.
Bitcoin was the first and most famous digital currency, but you can choose from more than 1,500, including ether, litecoin and even cryptokitties. For awhile, you saw these currencies only in the darkest corners of the internet, where people used them for all sorts of questionable, even illegal, activities. Drug dealers liked them because they made transactions all but invisible, and trolls at the Kremlin-backed Internet Research Agency used bitcoin to finance their campaign to influence the 2016 election.
That started to change in 2014, when Overstock became the first major US retailer to accept bitcoin. Companies like Expedia and Microsoft followed suit.
One of the biggest misconceptions about cryptocurrencies is that you need thousands of dollars to invest. It’s an easy assumption to make, especially in the case of bitcoin, which stayed under $1,000 from about 2010 to 2017. But then it took off, surpassing thousand-dollar milestones at a pace that seemed quicker than you could refresh your phone.
The staggering value is off-putting to many. But unlike most stocks, you can buy a fraction of a bitcoin so you don’t need thousands to get into the crypto game.


WolfpackBOT is a highly advanced cryptocurrency trading software that allows for the execution of trades at lightning speed using proprietary trading algorithms, proprietary “Werewolf” Trading Analysis configurations, or user customized settings based on personal trading style. WolfpackBOT also allows for simultaneous trading access to all compatible cryptocurrency exchanges that are available to the bot, and all trading pairs with the WerewolfBOT subscription package.
WolfpackBOT is introducing an industry first, a beautiful automated cryptocurrency trading console: The WolfBOX. This efficient and sleek piece of hardware will conveniently allow for the full utilization of a bot subscription without the need for a VPS or dedicated computer. The WolfBOX will also include a built-in secure Hardware Wallet and RFID card reader to optimize ease-of-use and functionality.
WolfpackBOT trading software is enabled with limit, market, and “Wolf Trade” orders on all trading candles, including one-minute candles, with the widest array of technical trading indicators available on the market. WolfpackBOT's proprietary “Wolf Trade” orders provide superior market sell orders with a bite! WolfpackBOT is the only trading bot to feature live price scanning on your positions and also handles partial fills with ease, meaning you don’t miss out on orders. WolfpackBOT is incredibly fast and can fulfill up to 10,000 trades per day depending on market conditions and subscription package.
WolfpackBOT allows simultaneous trading access to all cryptocurrency exchanges that are available to the bot, and all trading pairs through the WerewolfBOT subscription plan. Not only do inferior bots allow limited access to one exchange and one trading pair per bot, they also store your API keys remotely on servers which are potentially susceptible to hacks and pump and dump attacks. User security and API key protection holds a high priority within the WolfpackBOT framework which is why it is the only trading bot that gives users full control with local management of their API keys.
Masternode and Proof of Work X11 Blockchain
Wolfcoin Blockchain with X11 Proof of Work Mining and Masternode Reward Systems The Wolfcoin blockchain and network are both designed and engineered to ensure store of value, transactional speed and security, and fungibility. The main goal of the Wolfcoin blockchain is to facilitate fast and secure transactions with a governance that helps sustain the network for the benefit of all users. The Wolfcoin blockchain is a two-tier network comprised of a Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism powered by miners and a Proof of Service (PoSe) system powered by masternodes.
The Wolfcoin blockchain is secured through Proof of Work (PoW) in which miners attempt to solve difficult problems with specialized computers. When a problem is solved, the miner receives the right to add a new block to the blockchain. If the problem was solved correctly, the miner is rewarded once the block is added.
The second tier, which is powered by masternodes, enables Wolfcoin to facilitate private and instant transactions with Private Send and Instant Send. Masternodes are also rewarded when miners discover new blocks.
The block reward is distributed with 80% going to the masternodes and 20% going to miners. The masternode system is referred to as Proof of Service (PoSe), since the masternodes provide crucial services that support the features of the network.
Masternodes also oversee the network and have the power to reject improperly formed blocks from miners. If a miner tried to take the entire block reward for themselves, the masternode network would orphan the block ensuring that it would not be added to the blockchain.
In short, miners power the first tier, which is the basic sending and receiving of funds and prevention of double spending. Masternodes power the second tier, which provide the added features that make Wolfcoin different from other cryptocurrencies. Masternodes do not mine, and mining computers cannot serve as masternodes.
Additionally, each masternode is “secured” by 10,000 WOLF. Those WOLF remain under the sole control of their owner at all times. The funds are not locked in any way; however, if enough of the funds are moved or spent to cause the user’s holdings to drop below 10,000 Wolfcoin, the associated masternode will go offline and stop receiving rewards.
By pre-ordering your WolfpackBOT subscription, you will also receive Wolfcoin as a reward that can be utilized in the following ways:
  • Redeemable for WolfpackBOT subscriptions
  • Redeemable for the WolfBOX Console
  • Redeemable for WolfpackBOT and Wolfcoin apparel and merchandise
  • Fungible utility that can be exchanged for like value on exchanges
When you hold at least 10,000 Wolfcoin in your Wolfcoin wallet connected to a static IP address, you will become a masternode, meaning you will have a chance to receive 80 percent of the block reward every sixty seconds.


WolfpackBOT Automated Trading Software:

After the crowdsale, Wolfcoin will be the exclusive method of payment for WolfpackBOT Automated Trading Software subscriptions.

Multiple Technical Analysis Indicators:

WolfpackBOT offers the widest array of multiple Technical Analysis indicators, oscillators, configurations and settings available in the world of Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Bots. WolfpackBOT provides Bollinger Bands, Double EMA, Elliot Wave, EMA, EMA Cross, Fibonacci Sequence, KAMA, MA Cross, MACD, RSI, SMA, Stochastic, Stochastic RSI, Triple EMA, and many more!

Shorting Features:

WolfpackBOT includes Cryptocurrency Shorting Features that allow users to short their positions and buy them back at the lower price to maximize their returns.

Copyrighted Crash Protection:

Crash Protection, one of WolfpackBOT's most advanced features, enables users the option to automatically scan and convert all positions to a stable coin at the sign of our proprietary Hidden Bear Divergence Indicator, and then buy back into base currency to resume trading at the sign of our proprietary Hidden Bull Divergence Indicator.

Language Translator:

WolfpackBOT has a built in Language Translator that instantly translates the entire BOT into Dutch, English, French, German, or Spanish.

All Trading Pairs on all available Exchanges:

WolfpackBOT allows our customers to simultaneously trade on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, and with all the exchange’s trading pairs available for trading. The best part is that it’s all possible on one bot with one subscription to the WerewolfBOT package!

Coin Selector:

While other automated trading platforms only allow for a limited amount of coins per subscription, WolfpackBOT allows all trading pairs and all coins to be traded on all the available major exchanges with the WerewolfBOT subscription. WolfpackBOT's proprietary Coin Selector allows for users to choose whether to trade all cryptocurrencies or blacklist some, thus not trading them at all, as well as search for the highest volume, greatest performing, or a specific volatility range of coins for a given timeframe.

Werewolf Configurations and Settings:

Werewolf Configurations and Settings are copyrighted trading algorithms that use proprietary optimum settings for trading: the perfect configuration for experienced and inexperienced traders alike. These settings can be adjusted to the current market trend, with preset configurations for bear, sideways, and bull markets.

Werewolf Ultimate:

Werewolf Ultimate is the ultimate choice when trading. It doesn't trade a particular trading pair or particular coins, it trades them all. It goes in for the kill to increase the potential returns. Crash Protection is a built-in feature in Werewolf Ultimate.

Werewolf Bull Market:

Werewolf Bull Market are preset settings and configurations that are usable when your Base Trading Pair is in a Bull Run. Werewolf Bull Market settings are optimized for such conditions and should only be used in a Bull Run Market.

Werewolf Sideways Market:

Werewolf Sideways Market are preset settings and configurations that are usable when your Base Trading Pair is trading sideways. Werewolf Sideways Market settings are optimized for such conditions and should only be used in a Sideways Trading Market.

Werewolf Bear Market:

Werewolf Bear Market are preset settings and configurations that are usable when your Base Trading Pair is in a Bear Run. Werewolf Bear Market settings are optimized for such conditions and should only be used in a Bear Run Market.

The WolfBOX Hardware Console:

WolfpackBOT also offers an industry first: a beautiful hardware console, The WolfBOX. Our console comes preloaded with WolfpackBOT Automated Trading Software and also includes a built-in secure hardware wallet. Some of the key features of the WolfBOX include our high-speed CPU, solid-state hard drive, built-in RFID card reader, and integrated Bitpay and Coinbase wallets.

Wolfpack Consulting

Our company offers its services and expertise as Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Specialists to individuals and companies. We offer consulting services in the fields of blockchain and cryptocurrency development and management.

Wolfpack Philanthropy

We are dedicated to the proposition that we have a responsibility to use a portion of our company’s revenue to help create a better world and a brighter future. As we move forward, our philanthropic efforts include environmental stewardship, renewable energy, human rights, economic development, as well as animal and wildlife rescue and conservation with an emphasis on dogs and wolves.

Wolfcoin Information

THE WOLFCOIN Wolfcoin is the coin that fuels all WolfpackBOT's projects.
This utility, coupled with the reward systems with mining and Masternoding capabilities, makes the use of Wolfcoin potentially appealing to all WolfpackBOT users whom are interested in receiving additional Wolfcoin for subscriptions, merchandise and other rewards such as passive cryptocurrency portfolio growth.
THE WOLFCOIN WALLET WolfpackBOT uses our proprietary Wolfcoin Core QT wallet.
February 2018 Conceptual development of WolfpackBOT Software
May 2018 Company Roadmap development Alpha models of WolfpackBOT Software
June 2018 Ongoing research, development, and testing
October 2018 Advertising and Marketing Campaign Starts Wallets available for payment; BTC, BTG, DASH, DOGE, ETC, ETH, LTC October 15 - Pre-registration begins
November 2018 November 1 - Crowdsale Stage I begins
December 2018 Official presentation of WolfpackBOT beta Software Preview Creation of Wolfcoin (WOLF: 300,000,000 coins pre-mined on Genesis Block) WolfpackBOT beta Software release to selected customers
December 21 - Launch network and mine Genesis block
December 22 - PoW / Mainnet
December 23 - Blockchain and network testing
December 28 - Iquidis Wolfcoin Block Explorer released on our website
January 2019 January 1 - Wolfcoin Core wallets available for download on the website January 1 - Wallet and Masternode Tutorial available January 1 - Masternode and PoW instructional videos available January 1 - Subscription Pre-order Coin Rewards disbursed Announcement listing WOLF on top-10 Exchange
February 2019 February 1 - Crowdsale Stage I Ends February 1 - Crowdsale Stage II Begins
March 2019 March 15 - Crowdsale Stage II Ends March 15 - Crowdsale Stage III Begins WolfpackBOT Software roll-out to contributors WolfBOX Console available for Pre-order
April 2019 WolfpackBOT Subscriptions available for customers First Major version released: automated, manual, and paper trading WolfpackBOT Live support center April 30 - Crowdsale Stage III Ends
May 2019 WolfBOX Consoles Pre-orders first shipment
June 2019 New trading features such as new exchanges, strategy options and indicators
July 2019 New trading features such as new exchanges, strategy options or indicators
August 2019 WolfpackBOT Software Trading Platform V2.0 Second major release: Strategy Marketplace and Back-testing
September 2019 New trading features such as new exchanges, strategy options or indicators
October 2019 WolfpackBOT Software Trading Platform V3.0 Third major release: Signals Marketplace (Supporting 3rd Party App Signals) Mobile Application for WolfpackBOT Software and Trading Platform
November 2019 New trading features such as new exchanges, strategy options or indicator
December 2019 WolfpackBOT Software Trading Platform V4.0
January 2020 WolfpackBOT Software Trading Platform V5.0 Fourth major release: Machine Learning Strategy Optimization


Philip Longhurst Chief Executive Officer The leader of our pack and the man behind the WolfpackBOT trading bot, Philip Longhurst is a mathematical genius, engineer, day trader, and animal rescuer. As an account manager for J.P. Morgan and MBNA Bank, Phil managed the accounts of several high-profile clients and businesses. He has been successfully trading stocks for over twenty-five years and has successfully applied his trading expertise and mathematical acumen to the cryptocurrency market since 2013.
Philip holds bachelor's degrees in mechanical engineering and business administration and is a loving husband, father, and family man who has been rescuing dogs since 1995. His driving desire is to use the success of Wolfpack Group to create a brighter future for humanity. He currently resides in the United States of America with his wife, daughter, and dogs.
Rogier Pointl Chief Financial Officer Rogier Pointl is a successful entrepreneur with nearly twenty-five years of experience in business management, marketing, financial administration, economics, and fintech. Rogier holds bachelor's degrees in Business Communications and Financial Administration. He is a pioneer in the field of virtual reality, having served as CEO and owner of Simworld, the first virtual reality racing center in Europe, where he oversaw the development of advanced simulator and virtual reality hardware and software.
Rogier is an experienced trader and has been trading stocks since 2007. He began applying his expertise to the cryptocurrency market in 2010, gaining experience as a Bitcoin miner along the way. Rogier is a loving husband and father and currently resides in the Netherlands with his wife and two daughters.
Jason Cormier Chief Technical Officer Jason Cormier is a humble -but extraordinary- individual who is blessed with a Mensa IQ of 151, he is continually driven by a desire for knowledge and self-growth. He is self-taught in Visual Basics, C#, C++, HTML, and CSS and began developing programs and applications at the age of 14, including the TCB Wallet, which was the first ever wallet program that held its users' log in names and passwords. Jason is a cryptocurrency guru whose expertise includes cryptocurrency mining farms, proof-of-stake, masternodes, and cryptocurrency trading.
Jason holds Associate degrees in Computer Science and Psychology, and currently resides in the United States of America with his wife and son.
Jay McKinney Chief Web Development and Design Officer Jay is a veteran of the Iraq War who put his life on the line in combat to protect our freedoms. To center himself while stationed in the Iraqi warzone, he taught himself C# as he knew honing his Web Development skills would help him provide a better future for himself and his family. Upon returning home safely, he worked his way through college and holds bachelor's degrees in Computer Programming and Web Development & Design.
Jay has worked for the Kentucky Housing Corporation, serving as a software engineer and web developer. He is a loving family man who currently resides in the United States of America with his wife and two children.
David Johnson Chief Software Development Officer David holds a Master of Science degree in Information Systems and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Information Systems, graduating with Magna Cum Laude status. He has worked for the Kentucky Housing Corporation, serving as a network analyst and software engineer. As an entrepreneur, he has owned his own web and software development company since 2009, creating and maintaining several websites in C# and PHP, and has been operating the crypto-oriented YouTube channel BigBits since 2017, where he discusses automated Cryptocurrency trading strategies.
David is a proud father of two and resides in the United States of America with his wife and children. Like any good Kentuckian, he is a huge fan of the University of Kentucky's college sports teams.
Gabriel Condrea Software and Web Development Officer Gabriel Condrea holds a bachelor's degree in electrical and computer engineering and has worked as a software developer and senior systems engineer in both the United States and the United Kingdom, working with a variety of programming languages and IDEs. He has used his expertise to create Manufacturing and SCADA systems in industrial applications.
Gabriel also applies his engineering skills to cryptocurrency day trading, seeking to automate the process. He loves to travel and currently resides in the United States with his girlfriend.
Igor Otorepec Chief Hardware Development Officer Igor is an engineer with twenty years of experience specializing in advanced PLC programming and industrial robotics. He is also an IT security expert and a CEC Certified Ethical Cracker who uses his skills to expose and patch security vulnerabilities in blockchain codes.
Igor is an advanced cryptocurrency trader and Kung Fu master who uses bio-hacking as a way of life to keep his 'chi' constantly centered. He currently resides in Austria with his loving wife.
Manik Ehhsan Director of Marketing and Public Relations Manik holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and has over five years of experience in Web Development, Digital Marketing and Graphics Design. He has also managed the marketing for more than 30 successful Cryptocurrency start-ups and projects, and specializes in SEO and ASO. Manik is also a Cryptocurrency project promotion expert with an emphasis on Masternodes and building Social Media Communities.
Manik has focused his life on Cryptocurrency and currently resides in Bangladesh with his loving family.
Rance Garrison Chief Marketing Officer Rance Garrison holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and specialized in Seminary Studies for his Master's degree. He served as an AmeriCorps VISTA at WMMT-FM, the radio station owned by Appalshop, an arts and education center in Kentucky, and has also specialized in local cable television advertising. Rance is also a musician who has released several albums independently over the last decade.
Rance is very dedicated to his local community and is most excited by the potential implications of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for rural and remote economies. He currently resides in the United States of America with his wife, dog, and cats.
Paul Gabens Chief Public Relations Officer A master negotiator with a penchant for strategy, Paul Gabens brings more than twenty years of marketing and promotional experience in the automotive, hospitality, and entertainment industries to the Wolfpack. He is also an avid stock and cryptocurrency trader, having first entered into the cryptocurrency market two years ago, embracing his passion for crypto with the same vigor as his love for travel, classic cars, extreme roller coasters, and surfing.
Paul holds degrees in business management, marketing, and automotive aftermarket. He currently resides in the United States with his fiancé and two cats.
Blake Stanley Marketing and Social Media Officer Blake Stanley is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who also has over six years of experience managing both government and private sector client and customer relations. A strategic thinker and expert in the field of social media-based advertising, Blake also owns and manages his own online marketing company where he has been successfully curating and implementing online marketing and advertising strategies for his clients for the past three years.
Blake is a proud father and family man and currently lives in the United States with his daughter and fiancé.
Martin Kilgore Market and Trading Analyst Martin Kilgore holds bachelor’s degrees in both accounting and mathematics, having researched Knot Theory and the Jones Polynomial during his undergraduate studies, giving him a firm edge when analyzing market conditions. He has worked as a staff accountant for several governmental organizations.
Martin lives in the United States with his fiancé.
Jonathan McDonald Chief Trading Strategy Officer Jonathan has honed his trading skills over the past five years by studying and implementing economics, financial strategy, Forex trading analysis and trading bots. Through his constant learning, he discovered Cryptocurrency after seeing the difference in market volatility and high yield trading. His fine-tuned trading strategies complement Crypto markets perfectly, and he has been implementing trading strategies to the Cryptocurrency market for over a year with phenomenal results. Jonathan is constantly improving his trading skills with an emphasis on scalping techniques. He has applied his trading skillset to the WolfpackBOT and enjoys working alongside the Wolfpack in creating the fastest trading bot on the market.
Jonathan currently resides in Canada with his supportive girlfriend and family.
Web site:
Technical document:
Bounty0x username: idrixoxo
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A lot of people is missing the main point with the Dish Network deal.
Arguments of "downward pressure", "second tier business", "no big news", etc. just don't make sense.
This is huge positive BOTH for the short and long term for bitcoin. The bitcoin legitimacy that this brings on the eyes of masses is enormous. This company has a MC of 27 billion with over $14 billion in revenues just in 2011. For comparison, Overstock's MC is just 370 million.
It is the first mainstream name to adopt bitcoin, implanting it as "valid" in the colective mass consciousness of average Americans. This company provides satellite TV to approximately 14 million subscribers, and employs more than 22,000 people in the U.S
I was motivated to make this post because the family member that was the most antagonist toward bitcoin, just texted me that he is buying some after reading this news. All his previous "strongly compeling" arguments just fell apart, just like that, so I guess they were not very solid after all, but I'm not rubbing it in, although I was very tempted ;)
If this is not a crucial tipping point, we can say we are close to it, where we will see the next wave in the new decentralized economic paradigm ocean.
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Cryptocurrency Weekly Recap

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Overstock Announces Alaska as State Conducting Most Cryptocurrency Purchases Overstock: The Sleeping Giant is Awake! The Bitcoin Group #12 (Live) - Accepts Bitcoin -- Miners ditch -- IRS Bitcoin Everything you need to know about Overstock's ICO, tZERO / T0 Judd Bagley of -

Let’s find out if Bitcoin is moving the needle for the company. For calendar 2013, had revenue of $1.304 billion. Given that the company’s revenue is quite seasonal, we don’t ... Overstock’s total net revenue reportedly decreased from $445 million in Q1 2018 to $367 million in Q1 2019. Online retail giant and major crypto industry disruptor has seen a 17% decrease in revenue in Q1 2019 from Q1 2018, the firm’s CEO Patrick Byrne revealed in the latest quarterly report released on May 9.. Overstock’s total net revenue reportedly decreased from $445 ... Overstock’s tZero loses $400M investor amid revenue, profit slide. Business 10 May 2019 . Ed Drake . A Hong Kong investment fund which had signed up to a $400 million investment in Overstock’s tZero exchange platform, will now exit the deal with just $5 million in tZero equity, according to reports. GSR Capital had been scheduled to buy $30 million in tZero tokens, at a valuation that ... Overstock revenue from 2006 to 2020. Revenue can be defined as the amount of money a company receives from its customers in exchange for the sales of goods or services. Revenue is the top line item on an income statement from which all costs and expenses are subtracted to arrive at net income. Overstock didn't make any announcements that would explain its drop this week. "Bitcoin's a wild ride. If you've hitched your cart to that horse, you're going on a wild ride yourself," said ...

[index] [20322] [26937] [14628] [29460] [1048] [33052] [42147] [47504] [30311] [5586]

Overstock Announces Alaska as State Conducting Most Cryptocurrency Purchases

The Bitcoin Group #12 (Live) - Accepts Bitcoin -- Miners ditch -- IRS Bitcoin thebitcoingroup. Loading... Unsubscribe from thebitcoingroup? ... join crypto 300 club Thanks for watching this crypto 300 club review and update. crypto 300 club allow... He was introduced by Jon Matonis, Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation. Dr. Patrick M. Byrne, CEO, launched in 1999 with revenues of $1.8 million. In 2014, had ... Judd Bagley the Communcations Director of gives us insight on Overstock's emerging block chain technology and the overall Bitcoin marketplace. ... Forty percent of Overstock’s total revenue comes from Site Sales. This is a HUGE number. Overstock’s first quarter sales were strong and according to plan even before the Pandemic hit in full ...