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Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet

A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarians, though people of all political philosophies are welcome.

Quadriga CX Bitcoin Removal Service

QuadrigaCX - believed to be Canada's largest bitcoin exchange. Currently in bankruptcy. Hundreds of millions of dollars, the life savings and hard work of thousands of Canadians, are missing. Join our community to share stories, meet other affected users, get help with claim filing, or receive updates.

New in bitcoin canada, soon starting investing

I will soon start to invest in bitcoin on shakepay, i have good base knowledge but dont really understand the thing between a wallet, a buying and selling, and the more complicated ones with the graphics like bitbuy, would like to make money everyday as bitcoin is volatile and everyday get some changes of likely a minimum 100$ and would love to exploit that, would need a bit of help, suggestions, recommandations or anything that could help thanks in advance
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Bitcoin Canada FB Group That is Actually a Community??

I am looking for a facebook group that specifically discusses Bitcoin, and/or the crypto community in Canada - that isn't just a huge scammer's paradise.
Actual discussion around exchanges, regulations, government, local business, etc.
So far a few searches have yielded nothing but disappointment. Basically searching "Bitcoin" & "Canada" on facebook leads to groups of nothing but advertisements for passive income, investments, etc.
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How to Get bitcoin canada

If you're looking to get into the overall game of Bitcoin and hold your own personal coins, there are many options available. Listed here are a few of the different methods designed for acquiring some Bitcoin of one's own.
Buy them from a change
One of the very most common ways to get bitcoins is via an exchange. Websites like Bitstamp, BTC-E, or Cavirtex within Canada, allow you to purchase Bitcoin. They don't sell Bitcoin themselves, but how it works may be the exchanges pair you as a customer with a vendor who's selling for whatever price you're looking for.
This sounds just like a great option, and in a few ways it's, but it's its disadvantages as well.
One of the major ones is that the exchanges require you to add your own personal information to them via Know Your Client legislation that's within many countries in regards to currency-related businesses bitcoin canada . This may not be described as a concern for anyone, in a post-NSA scandal era, it's becoming more and more clear, at least in my experience, that data you place out there is more accessible than you think.
I might be described as a little paranoid, but who knows what might happen in the future. After all, just ten years ago the proven fact that the us government is spying on everything we do was purely the realm of tin foil hat conspiracy theorists, and now it's only common knowledge. Who knows what's next?
As you can tell, I'm not just a big fan of the exchanges. The proven fact that I've to give up our information to an entity which may need to release that information generally seems to not in favor of the spirit of Bitcoin.
Fortunately, you can find other options.
Mine them
Needless to say, there's only one place Bitcoins really result from; mining. Every Bitcoin you'll ever own, see, or hear about, was at one time mined via the Bitcoin mining network.
If you discover yourself in possession of a mining rig, go ahead and mine away! Or when you yourself have a computer fast enough to make it worthwhile, that's cool too.
But be mindful! If your personal computer isn't cooled properly, you run the chance of overheating it, which could potentially brick it.
Frankly, mining with your personal computer isn't worthy of it. Not anymore. Because the mining difficulty increases, it becomes more and more challenging to gain any profit from it. And until you have a separate mining rig, your chance of getting any kind of return from mining is pretty low.
Some argue that mining is on its way out, and even investing in a dedicated mining rig isn't a truly valid option anymore. I disagree, but that is a topic for another day.
Buy them from a personal broker
If you're able to find a private broker, you can hook up together and exchange. This has some obvious benefits, but it addittionally has drawbacks.
To start, it's completely anonymous. Even although you meet in person, there's no reason you need to make use of your real name, or any details about yourself apart from your wallet number so they can transfer the funds to you. And if you pay cash, the banks can't trace it either. So if that is a concern for you, you're in business.
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Can bull bitcoin Canada be trusted?

Title says it, idk if I can trust uploading my ID to the bitcoin site
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Buying house with bitcoins Canada paid in full

Hi guys I need a tax lawyer advice please I invested btc when it was 300$ to 5000$ Haven't kept track exactly how much If I were to buy a house in bitcoins How about would I do my capital gains or tax?
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Forget Bitcoin: Canada’s Cannabis Market Is 'Smoking' Hot

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Get $20 free when you buy at least $100 in Bitcoin (Canada)

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Watch out Bitcoin, Canada takes a shot at digi money

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The Benefits of Merging Blockchain, Crowdfunding and Revenue Sharing - Bitcoin Canada

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Shout out to Bitcoin Canada ! Give ALLCOINdotCOM a try !

ALLCOINdotCOM is a Alt Coin exchange based out of Vancouver.
With Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Qtum, and tons of other Asian tokens like Bytom, Neo, Iquant and many others.
Check it out.
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Bitcoin Canada

Just wondering where do you guys buy bitcoin if youre located in Canada? I was using Coinbase.. now they have taken interac online out and I've tried to verify my visa twice now with no avail. I'm back to using QuickBT.. but the charge rate seems high, whats the cheapest one you guys are using atm? For $100 worth of Bitcoin, QuickBT is charging $6.42 fee. Does that seem high?
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Article by Bitcoin Canada: 3 Ways that Loopring Makes Crypto More Accessible

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Video-Sharing Monetization Barriers To Disappear with Blockchain - Bitcoin Canada

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Video-Sharing Monetization Barriers To Disappear with Blockchain - Bitcoin Canada

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Bitcoin Canada on Verasity: Video-Sharing Monetization Barriers To Disappear with Blockchain

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Sp8de on Bitcoin Canada!

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Where can I buy bitcoins? Canada

Hi where can I buy bitcoins in CAD with a prepaid credit card? Coinbase Coinmama bitit coincorner dont work I tried the where can you buy bitcoins worldwide link and none of them work
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Video-Sharing Monetization Barriers To Disappear with Blockchain - Bitcoin Canada

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Bitcoin Canada

Whats the best place/cheapest place to buy bitcoins if you're located in Canada.
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Terrorism, not #taxes, is the key focus on #bitcoin, #Canada says

Terrorism, not #taxes, is the key focus on #bitcoin, #Canada says
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Where to buy Bitcoins Canada, quickly, without verification?

I am looking to purchase approximately 2.5 bitcoins and am looking for the most painless way to do it. Would ideally like to get my bitcoins today for my purchase, so the verification process that may take days is something I would like to avoid.
Any help is appreciated!
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] [Canada] If I'm solely holding Bitcoin, should I report it to CRA?

The following post by V12LC911 is being replicated because some comments within the post(but not the post itself) have been silently removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: Bitcoin/comments/7he2nu
The original post's content was as follows:
Im not trading or exchanging, only investing a bit of money every month in it and holding it. What about other crypto currencies? Thanks for any helpful insight.
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How to buy Bitcoin for Beginners - YouTube Buy Bitcoin Canada How To Sell Bitcoin In Canada  Easiest Way To Cashout ... Bitcoin: Buying from a Bitcoin ATM Machine using cash ... 2020: EXACTLY How to buy Bitcoin or ANY CRYPTOCURRENCY in ...

The best Bitcoin wallets available in Canada Hardware wallets. The following are some great hardware wallets: Ledger Nano X. CDN $159.00. Accepts crypto payments while offline. Supports 1184 coins. Ledger‘s flagship wallet, the Nano X, is bluetooth enabled, meaning it can connect to other devices such as a mobile phone or laptop. Thus, the wallet owner has access to a complete transaction ... We’re unveiling Canada’s simplest Bitcoin exchange soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned. Step 3. Keep your bitcoin secure. Now that you’ve purchased bitcoin, it is important to keep it safe and secure just as you would with a bank account. Here are some basic principles to follow: Create backups of your private keys. To protect robbery, fire, or hard drive failure, we ... Bitcoin Era is permitted to revise these Terms at any time as it sees fit, and by using this Website you are expected to review these Terms on a regular basis. Assignment. The Bitcoin Era is allowed to assign, transfer, and subcontract its rights and/or obligations under these Terms without any notification. However, you are not allowed to ... Canada’s most trusted service to Buy and Sell Bitcoin since 2015 Bitcoin Cash (ABC) $370.14: $343.85: 97.6%: Bitcoin Cash SV: $236.63: $218.52: 97.0%: Litecoin: $78.76: $72.21: 95.8%: Ethereum: $554.68: $519.85: 98.0%: Ethereum Classic: $7.44: $7.02: 99.2%: Dash: $99.33: $93.41 : 98.8% *sticky* We have now added two more days to our COVID office hours for walk-in traffic. We are now open Monday-Thursday 10AM-4PM. Still closed on Fridays. Buy Bitcoins ...

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How to buy Bitcoin for Beginners - YouTube

HOW TO BUY BITCOIN - Tutorial For Beginners - Where to Buy Bitcoin ★ BUY BITCOIN HERE ★ TRADE OTHER CRYPTO Looking for a way to Sell Bitcoin easily in Canada? The Bylls website is the beast and easiest way to sell your bitcoin in Canada with NO FEES! I've used thi... How To Buy Bitcoin Canada In 2020. The Best Way To Buy Bitcoin In Canada. Canadian vs International Exchanges Bitcoin Exchange? Bitcoin ATM? Interac E-Transfer? Try - Follow This Link ... In this video, I do a live bitcoin purchase from a Bitcoin ATM Machine using cash. This machine is from Coinsource and is located at 3663 S Las Vegas Blvd #4... Subscribe to my bitcoin channel - Updated video - Join Coinbase and earn $...