The Bitcoin Bubble and a Bad Hypothesis – John Quiggin

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It’s been quite a big week in cryptocurrency markets. The price of Bitcoin has fallen close to... Rather, the new claim is that Bitcoin is a “store of value” and that its price reflects its inherent scarcity. (By design, no more than 21 million Bitcoins can be created.) (By design, no more ... Economist John Quiggin in 2013 said “bitcoins are the most demonstrably valueless financial asset ever created”. Researchers Neil Gandal, JT Hamrick, Tyler Moore, and Tali Oberman claimed that in late 2013, price manipulation by one person likely caused a price spike from US$150 to more than US$1000. Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz in 2017 said “It’s a bubble that’s going to give a ... John Quiggin Commentary on Australian and world events from a socialist and democratic viewpoint. Economics - General. The Bitcoin Bubble and a Bad Hypothesis. April 17, 2013 John Quiggin 93 Comments. That’s the title of my latest piece at The National Interest. The blurb sums it up pretty well. Under the efficient-markets hypothesis, a worthless digital currency should have never gotten off ... John Quiggin. Bitcoin was intended to ultimately replace government-issued currencies. But while its price has surged, the use of Bitcoin as a currency is not taking off . Contact author ...

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